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Software with big impact

  • Initiate and track document assessment loops across different organisations.
  • Concentrate on your core competencies rather than manual document, condition and comment tracking.
  • Innovative comment management with document independent architecture.
  • Guided submission, tracking and assessment of documentation.
  • Increase transparency of ongoing tasks and status of your projects.
  • Online platform with constant availability and live progress reporting.

While working as certification and approval consultants in the european wind industry for more than 15 years, we successfully accompanied several projects from start to end.

Our innovative SaaS (Software as a Service) solution combines this expertise with a broader understanding of how the industry can interact with and prepare for prospective challenges in the global energy sector. LOOPS is designed to digitise complex approval processes resulting in increased transparency and mitigated risks for your projects.

Share and track document assessment loops among operators, certifiers and contractors involved in your process.

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